Basic Features of EnviroMap

  • Automated Scheduling and Randomized Sample Site Selection

    EMap Four Schedule views: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and List

    EMap Scheduled collections are color-coded based on progression through testing process

    EMap View scheduled collection as a list or mapped out on your floor plan

    EMap Print barcodes, submit samples, and edit results all from the Schedule page

    EMap Add your preexisting sampling schedules or create new Investigative Sites for a one-time collection

    EMap Select from a myriad of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrence patterns

  • Operational Email Notifications and Corrective Actions

    EMap Send reminders, alerts and results to vested parties such as analysts, lab managers and corporate executives

    EMap Notifications sent based on predetermined parameters and can go as email or text message

    EMap EnviroMap also gives you the ability to preschedule corrective actions that will activate as soon as a sample is submitted as out-of-limits or positive

    EMap Designate things like investigative sites, workflow stoppage and perimeter reswabbing criteria

  • Historical Data Analysis and Reporting

    EMap Analyze data and chart results directly in EnviroMap using the charting feature

    EMap Or export desired data directly into Excel and do your reporting form there

    EMap EnviroMap also lets you view your complete sampling history, over your floor plan, within a specified date range

    EMap Green for everything in-limits, Red for out-of-limits, and Yellow for sites yet to be sampled